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  • Debra Lin

    Debra Lin


    We were living paycheck to paycheck and we could barely get by on bills. Then, my younger fell ill and we didn't have insurance. I saw a comment about ExpediteTools on youtube and I rushed to contact them. I was told to pay $350 to get $4,000 through western union and I did with the last money I had . And that same day, I got the 2 MTCNs of $2,000 each. I was able to treat my brother. Thanks alot expedite for saving my brother.

  • Reginald J. Koerner

    Reginald J. Koerner


    I lost my job and could no longer pay bills. I had to sleep with someone to help me pay rent. I heard about expeditetools and I contacted them. I requested for $15,000 in my bank account because I wanted to go to a different state, Texas to be precise. I was told to pay $1,500. I sold some of my belongings to get the money and after I paid, i received $15,000 in my account. Expedite saved my life from shame and from having to do those crazy things to get money.

  • Travis Gericke

    Travis Gericke


    I must confess that I never really believed in this, not until I received about $20,000 direct to my account.

  • Rose M.

    Rose M.


    Sir, I was freaking out when I went to pick the $6,000 lol. The lady looked at me because I have never picked such a huge sum from her store before. I have the $6,000 now sir! Thanks a lot.

  • Heilie Fourie

    Heilie Fourie


    I went searching about real hackers and I came across expeditetools ,com I received $10,000 within 24 hours of contacting them.

  • Maximilian Nagel

    Maximilian Nagel


    Mein PayPal-Konto wurde erst mit 8.967,25 Euro gutgeschrieben, nachdem ich 895 Euro bezahlt hatte. Vielen Dank, Expedite


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BLANK ATM in use

Russell M. Mizer, USA

Picking up money from bank, they don’t know its hacked funds lol

Kai Gould, USA

I just picked up $4,000 through western union. Thanks for the hack Mr Expedite Tools

Cameron Francis, USA

I made so much money from Expedite Tools

Christopher Evseev, USA

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  1. I received $43,000 from expeditetools,com.

  2. I received a transfer of $12,000 from expeditetools,com. I am very grateful to the team for their help.

  3. My nameI Ama writing from Cambodia.Yesterday, I saw a comment about expedite tools on YouTube and I wrote them and they sent me a transfer of $12,000.

  4. Expeditetools,com made a hacked transfer to me. I lost my job few days ago and I was scared shit about how I would survive during this outbreak. A friend suggested I tried this and I did and I received $30,000 in my chase bank account. This shit is real!

  5. Never really thought these things were real. Just felt like giving it a try and I did and received $10,000

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