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    Get the funding you desire. No Payback Required. Safe. Anonymous and Untraceable!

    We have High limit Bank Transfer Hack For You. WE use clean money 100% for transfer(bank hack has been cleaned). We Can Transfer Money To Most Banks In World. We Transfer Any Amount Depending on your bank Account .We provide this service In a Very fast, safe And Sure manner. We make Online Transfer With Transfer Info. We Can Transfer Dollar And Euro And Pound And More. We Can Make Online Transfer to Most Banks Worldwide.


After we confirm payment, the waiting time is 1-6 hours then you get money in your account.

NOTE: We don’t give test transfers and we don’t work on percentage with first time customers.

– This service is totally safe and won’t get you in any trouble before, during and after the hack.



All monetary transfers make use of dedicated networks which are called Exchange Servers. Each transfer system has its own exchange server. What we do is we buy exchange logs from darkweb gurus called exchangers and we use these logs through extensive techniques to hack through these transfer services and make 100% safe transfers to you.  Once you make your request/order and pay the corresponding fee payment to the darkweb exchangers, they would provide us the logs and other tools we need, and we would use it to complete the hack within 1 hour to 6 hours depending on server response time.  After this is done, a successful transfer which is totally safe would be made to you. The funds would reflect in your account within the set time (41 hour to 6 hours) but in some cases, depending on the amount sent, it may take longer. We would send you the corresponding receipt of transfer upon a successfuly transfer!!!


Follow these steps to get money!!!

  • Analyze and Choose Plan

    Select your Plan and Price that Best suits or fits your needs from the Price List Table below.

  • Request/Deposit

    Contact Us through our details provided on the contact page with your Order details to discuss how to make the necessary payment.

  • Hacker's Hack

    After making the necessary payment for the purchase of the scripts necessary to fo the hack, the hack team would schedule and do your hacked transfer

  • Get Paid

    Once your order is completed and hack done, you will be notified…then your money would be available in your account within 1 hour to 6 hours.


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Whatsapp: +1 (281) 502-6055


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For any other enquiries, Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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595 thoughts on “Bank Transfer Tools

  1. How can you get started and how much does it cost to begin?

    1. We have sent you an email. Check your inbox or Spam folder.

    2. Please respond id be willin to pay back whatever I just need help paying my bail

  2. How much does it cost. How soon can I receive funds. How many time can we do this?

  3. I have not received any response from you.

  4. I really need to use your services but i can not without proof to show this is not another scam..

    1. We have sent you an email. Check your inbox or Spam folder.

  5. This is a miracle, my account just received $120,000

  6. With 95% of the worlds wealth being controlled by 5% of the population, your belief that funds should be distributed evenly is an excellent and much needed philosophy! I applaud your efforts! With that said, I am currently in a dire financial situation. Therefore, I would like to utilize your services, if they are still available. Please email me the information and the details. In addition, please verify this is legit and not a scam. Thank You, David

    1. Our service is centered on our urge to help people, hence, it becomes an impossibility for us to indulge in scamming people. We have sent you an email. Check your inbox or Spam folder.

  7. 50,000$ was paid to my BOA account.

  8. My account just received $35,000 equivalent in euros. I did not believe this before but now I know they are real

  9. I was paid $25k by expeditetools

  10. I applied for the B8000 hack and $80,000 was paid to my account. I am very grateful

  11. I never knew hacking was real, I would have applied earlier. I just received $20,000 paid directly to my bank account in less than 1 hour after I paid the fee.

  12. My bank account received $50,000 from this site. Who still thinks its a scam?

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